Whether you are being fit for your first ever bike or defending a world title, I will work with you to find your most balanced and biomechanically correct position. Your position is unique to you and I must listen to you in order to find what works best. We will leave no stone unturned as we look through every detail from the body assessment, cleat positioning, 3D motion capture, video analysis, and most importantly listening to the feedback you have after every change we make.

Pre Fit

Looking to buy a bike? When getting a pre fit you will be put on Retuls most advanced Fit Bike. We will take the time to find your ideal position so you are balances and comfortable no matter what type of riding you will be doing. Once we find your ideal position we will look at the measure meets to see what size bike fit will be the best fit for you. Bikes are expensive and we want to make sure you get what you need without any doubt. 

Do you have consistent or reoccurring injuries? Do you hate your saddle? 

The only pain you should feel on the bike is the pain you inflict upon yourself! Some of the most common pain and discomfort issues are knee pain, lower back pain, hand numbness, foot numbness, and hot feet. When the cause of such issues is determined to be fit-related, there are usually some very straightforward and positive steps we can take to relieve the symptoms and keep them from becoming chronic.

Saddle discomfort is a huge issue. There is no one right saddle for everyone, so we must take the time to understand you as an individual and what saddle will best balance you over the bike. Issues with saddles can be both fit and saddle related. Your fit can have a lot to do with how you sit on a saddle, and how your weight is distributed across the saddle. For instance, pain or numbness can occur if you have too much weight on the front of the saddle, usually due to (but not solely limited to) improper reach or fore/aft position. Saddle shape, size, and padding can also create, or cure, discomfort. Typically, its a combination of both fit and saddle choice that makes for a happy cyclist, and my job is to help you find both.

Contrary to popular belief, you can feel comfortable on you saddle! 

What do you get out of a fit?

A fit typically lasts 2-3 hours. I don't want to just throw you into position and send you packing... I want to take the time to explore the subtleties of your fit and educate you as best as possible on why you have ended up in the position you have. Every rider will balance over the bike differently, so it is my job to work with you to find that balance. 

After your first fit you get 2 free follow ups to make sure things are as optimal as possible. I would love to think I am perfect and get everything right the first time, but a good fit is a process. It will take some time for me as the fitter and you as the rider to truly get you into the best position possible, but once it is done you will love every lie you spend on your bike. 

What type of bike are you looking to get fit on? 

Triathlon Fit

: Here is is question that will make you think... 

                         As a triathlete, what is the propose of a bike fit?

                        Ready for the answer? TO MAKE YOU A BETTER RUNNER!

When I am fitting you to your bike for a triathlon, wether it be as short as sprint or long as Ironman, it is my job to make sure you get to the finish line! You can have the fastest bike split and break the course record, but if you get passed by 200 people in the run because you are cramping all over from an improper bike fit, your bike leg is useless... First and foremost, I am looking to set you up biomechanically efficient. If your body is moving in its most natural and neutral way, chances are when you get off the bike to run you will feel great. Also, I am not just trying to get you aero and make your back flat. Being in a crazy aggressive aero position would be awesome, but chances are it is not sustainable over the entirety of your bike leg. FACT! Riding on your base bars for half your race is not aero. I much rather put you in a position that is less aero, but more sustainable. It is in this position that will not only allow you to run great after your bike, but chances are that if you are comfortable while on the bike you will be in a better place mentally which will more often than not yield a better result at the finish line. 



I want you to feel so balanced over the bike that you forget it's even there.  Every rider will balance differently over their bike and this is why I conduct a dynamic bike fit. We must see how you body is reacting to the changes we are making as you are pedaling and leveraging your bike. We will increase and decrease the resistance to see how your muscles, tendons, and ligaments change biomechanically with different load. If we were to measure the body without it moving, we would miss so much and the measurements would never be truly accurate to what they are as you pedal. By using the Retul system that captures close to 500 flames a second as you pedal, we can guarantee accurate measurements and understanding of your move optimal position. 






I love a good TT fit. It is all about pushing the limits of what the body will allow and  sustain only as long as it needs. Unlike a TT fit for a triathlete who has to run after the bike, a pure TT fit can be so aggressive that if you do it right you shouldn't be able to walk after your race. Using the Retul 3D Motion Capture system we will be able to look at every angle and millimeter to find your perfect position. You can win or lose by less than a second, therefore we must leave nothing to chance. 






A mountain bike fit is the most dynamic of them all. Utilizing the saddle from front to back, shifting your balance to deal with every type of terrain, and having to throw the bike side to side and fore and aft, there is no doubt that your balance over a mountain bike is vital. The correct fit can help with all these things and more. As with all other fits, Retul is essential to the fit process, and finding your best balance on the bike. 





If you know me, you know track is where my heart is. As a professional track cyclist, US National Champion, American Record Holder, and world wide 6 Day racer I have a pretty good idea of how to make sure you are getting the very most out of your fixed geared missile. Whether it be sprint, mass start, or TT position I am able to bring first hand knowledge to the fit as well as things I have learned from traveling the world and racing with World and Olympic chamiopns. 





More often than not track cyclist simply switch out their sprint bars for aero bars (or vis versa) without taking into account the hight and fore-aft of their seat position. This is a big mistake! I guarantee that there will be a significant change is saddle hight as well as fore-aft when switching bars. To get the very most out of this switch the rider must make the saddle changes that need to be made as well as the front end changes. These are two completely different fits, but good news! These 2 separate fits will most often work on the same bike.





I love when I get people in that see the value of a good fit for their commuter bike. So you may only be going 5-10 miles each way and not even wearing spandex, but your body will still very much thank you for putting it in its correct position. A commuter fit is all about comfort and being set up biomechanically efficient. What we are doing here is keeping your body safe and free from injury. 



Second Bike Fit $150 - Already been fit by me? Thank you for coming back. Receive a fit on any additional style bike at a discount. 
Second Bike Setup $75 - Have a second bike that is the same style as your first fit or buy a new bike and want it set up like your old one? I will use your old measurements to get it set up exactly how you want it plus make a few changes if needed. 
1 Hour Follow Up $75 - Has it been a few months or a few years seen you have seen me? All of the sudden having knee or back pain? Come in to check the measurements and we will make whatever changes needed to fix the problem. Or if you just miss me that works too! 
Saddle Swap $50 - Every saddle sets up different and effects your position differently. Saddles cannot be swapped out without changes being made. Bring in your new saddle to get put on or bring in 3 or 4 that you want to try out to see what in most comfortable. 
Cleat Replacement $25 - Everyting starts at the foot and works its way up. Lets make sure your feet are happy with the correct placement. 

What to Bring? 

Think of this as if you are going for a ride. You will be on the trainer doing a good amount of riding as well as possibly outside. 

  • Your bike
  • Cycling clothing because you will be riding. Note: Tight shorts are recommended for correct sensor placement. Sleeveless jerseys or tech-t are a good as well. 
  • Cycling shoes. Also pedals if we are doing a Pre Fit
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Extras: Anything you may want to try that you already own: Stems, saddles, bars... (contact me if you have questions)
  • Your dog! We are very dog friendly at Long beach Bike Fit :) 

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY LOTION OR SUNSCREEN BEFORE FIT. The motion capture dots will not stick. 

Motion Capture Technology 

Retül 3D Motion Capture Technology

Retül 3D Motion Capture System is the gold standard fitting tool in the cycling industry. With four cameras that capture close to 500 frames a second we are able to see even the smallest of changes. The Retül system is accurate to under a millimeter, which allows me to understand your biomechanics ranges and angle at a medical level.

The Retül has 8 infra-red LED body markers that are placed everywhere there is a hinge on you body. The sensors are tracked by the cameras every 2.1 milliseconds, or 476 times per second! Once we are done taking the capture as you ride all of your biomechanics ranges are measured and displayed on the screen in front of us. I use these ranges as I guideline to understand how your body is reacting to the changes we are making.   Although, fining your balance over the bike is not at all cookie cutter. With a combination of your feedback, my trained eye and ability to pair what you say and what I see, we are then able to understand the ranges and what your body is trying to tell us. 

Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike

The Müve is the best fit bike in the world, with the ability to fit someone who is 4'6" to 8' tall, there is no position we can't achieve. With the ability to make changes in a matter of seconds, you are able to develop a better opinion of what you like and more importantly, what you don't like. The adjustability of the Müve allows us to leave nothing to chance and know exactly what your very best position is. 


For further fit information please visit longbeachbikefit.com


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