In one week from today I will begin 3 days of racing at the LA Gand Prix. With the very best track cycling that the United States will see this year, 10 different countries will be going head to head in races exceeding 50mph! With countries represented such as France, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, South Africa, Columbia, Slovakia, Venezuela, and the USA, it is sure to be non-stop action all three nights! 

Here is a quick preview of what you will experience! 

On Friday mid afternoon, myself and two teammates will kick things off with the Team Sprint. After winning this event at the US National Championships earlier this year, we feel very confident that will have a strong race and be contenders for the top podium spot.

Our qualifying race will take place around 3:30pm and the finals around 8:30. 

On Saturday, we will start the morning off with Keirin rounds! For those of you who don't know what the keirin is, WATCH THIS! And remember, we are on fixed gear bikes with NO BRAKES! :) As the day goes on, eliminations will be made with the very best riders making it into the night session starting at 6:30pm.

To wrap things up, Sunday will begin with the Flying 200m time trial which will seed the top 16 into bracket formation. For example 1st vs 16, 2nd vs 15th, and so on. For a good look at what match sprinting is all about WATCH THIS

Here is a the FULL SCHEDULE of racing for the weekend.

Bring your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone you know to this amazing event! I guarantee... you will not be disappointed!!!