About seven months ago I was approached by Ero-Sports to see if I would be interested in learning the art of bike fit. After seeing several months of fits at the velodrome as I was riding I was very intrigued and responded with an immediate YES! At that point for the next five months all of my extra time went to apprenticing dozens of fits so I could truly learn by doing. Some things were easy from the get go and others not so much. It was a huge compliment when Jim Manton (Owner of Ero-Sports) said I have "The Eye" for bike fit being able to see where the body angles were, but more importantly where they needed to go to function most efficiently. 

So What is a bike fit and why is important for anyone riding a Road, TT, Tri, Mt, or Track bike? 

At Ero-Sports we use three things to get you in the most optimal riding position as possible. 1. Your feedback. 2. My trained eye. 3. The Retul measuring system.  Using all three of these approaches is sort of like a checks and balance system for the bike fit. It makes sure that not only the biomechanical ranges that Retul gives us are right, but most importantly so that you the rider are pain free and comfortable on your bike. We like to say that "there is no such thing as normal pain on the bike." If you have foot, knee, hip, back, shoulder, or any other type of pain while riding there is a reason for it and it is my job to figure it out and fix it! 

When going through the bike fit process you first start on your own bike set up on a trainer. Once you have warmed up and I have taken a look at your posture on the bike and biomechanics I will "dot you up." I place 8 infrared sensors on different boney land marks that are seen by 4 cameras capturing 476 frames a second!!! As you pedal the cameras are capturing your riding position and biomechanical ranges. There are certain biomechanical ranges that 99.9% of people fall within. Throughout your fit it is my goal to not just get you into range, but most importantly using your feedback, wattage, and the Retul system find out where you function most optimally within the range. After I take the first capture we will make small changes to your bike as it is on the trainer or move you over the the Retul Muve fitting bike that enables us to make incredibly quick and efficient changes. Throughout the process we will go up, down, forward, and back several times not just to get you in the most optimal spot, but also I really want you to feel and learn your position so you feel confident in it and know why it is where it is! 


Once we have found your position it is time to measure your bike. Using the Retul Zin measuring wand we are able to measure your bike to the millimeter! These measurements then go online to ero-sports where you can print them off or see them at anytime no mater where you are. 


This is the end of your fit, but not the end of your fit process. When you leave the velodrome you do not stop being my client. You get 2 free follow ups to make sure you are dialed in, but if you need more that rule goes out the window until we both know you love your fit. 

As I am training for the 2016 Olympics this will be my main source of income. Being a bike fitter allows me to schedule making money around my busy 40hr a week training schedule and also allows me the convenience of working in the the same facility that I train. Since I do not recieve any support to train for the Olympics from USA Cycling it makes it very tough to pay bills and put food in my mouth, but now that I have this opportunity it will take the stress of financials down dramatically! 


To schedule a fit with me go to ero-sports and click on the "schedule your appointment" link in the right hand corner.