As many of you have heard or seen I had a bit of a spill in my races this weekend. Although crashing is NEVER fun, I was able to walk away from this one with only a small donation of skin to the track. 


Many of you have asked how it happen. Without going into to many details and bringing up issues that are not worth my time or any other athlete's, I would say it happen because we were racing. When fighting for a position or protecting the one you have, track cycling can very much become a contact sport. With elbows out and some shoulder contact, I received the short end of the stick on this one… But all in all it was a very minor crash and I am back on the bike today! 


Second most asked question… HOW IS YOUR BIKE!? My bike is fine :) Good thing too since I couldn't afford a new one of the same even if I sold my car! haha


Thank you everyone for your thoughts and concern. Everything is all good and it is full steam ahead with training! 


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