So here is the deal. Next week the Velo Sports Center is closed due to the Cross Fit Games so I will be doing all of my training on the street with my track bike! The days I will be training are Tuesday 7.22 Thursday 7.24 & Friday 7.25. I will be setting up at the Alamitos Bay parking lot by Khoury's Restaurant. This is at the very end of the San Gabriel River Bike Path. I will get there at 12:30pm and will start my roller warm up at 1:00pm. My first effort on the street will go off about 1:45 or 2:00. 

I would love to have anyone and everyone who wants to come. This will be super fun, but it is also my training time so I will be pretty focused as well. I will talk everybody through each effort and explain why I am doing what I am for that day. If you don't want to ride and just want to hangout you are welcome to do that as well. Maybe someone would even want to come out and make an edit… :) 

Thanks for showing interest in what I do and I am excited to get to invite you out to be a part of it! 

SEE YOU ON TUESDAY 7.22.2014 AT 12:30PM!!!

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