To Supporters and Fans

Thank you very much for stopping Team Nater to be apart of my journey as a cyclist on the US National Track Cycling Team. Without the support and encouragement form you and so many others it would be next to impossible to be able to do what I do.

As you know I am very new to the sport of cycling having taken it up late 2010. But because of so many amazing friends, athletes, and coaches lending me their knowledge I have been able to advance faster that I could have imagined. The cycling community (especially track cycling) is very small and very tight nit. I am very thankful that I have been accepted and encouraged by so many and can say that I am apart of it.

As I train towards the 2016 Olympics I will need all the support and encouragement I can get. I feel blessed that I can count on you to be beside me on this very exciting, but tough journey. Please stop by Team Nater often to catch up on how my training and competitions are going. Also keep an eye out for deals from my sponsors as well as many other great Team Nater perks!

See you in Rio!